Sports and Cultural Complex daily 10am to 10pm
Climbing wall
from 8am to 10pm from 500 ₽

Entertainment for brave, persistent and tough!
Check yourself climbing on 7 meter high mountain!

1 following Yeti
2 Stairs
3 up the river
4 liana


7 meters high 10 tracks 129 square meters —
total area

Visitors of any age can come and give a try to the mountains 7.25 meters high, with maximum vertical deviation of 2 meters.

Four out of ten tracks are for children: "Following Yeti", "Stairs", "Up the river", "Liana".

Other six are for adults; the maximum height is 7.25 meters.

Equipped with automatic belay system.


ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО. Иметь при себе сменную спортивную обувь (кеды, кроссовки, чешки, скальные туфли и т.д.), желательно со светлой подошвой.
РЕКОМЕНДУЕМ одеваться в хлопковую одежду и одежду, не стесняющую движения.


belay system
Certified equipment
New to this?
We have
experienced instructors

rock-climbing school

Our rock-climbing school has an elaborate program based on methods and practices of experienced sportsmen and trainers from all over the world.

Call us to find out more: +7 (950) 531-08-08

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